Wisdom&Wellness Counselors

Tapping Into the Wisdom of Elderly Women & Community Network Members to Save Lives

Wisdom & Wellness Counselors

Elderly women & network members are trained to provide social support & mental health support, using life stories, experiences and counseling skills to empower communities through in person wisdom corners or phone based support. Each wisdom counselor is trained in specific areas or needs identified by the network and integrates empowerment approaches to support underserved communities.  The counselors can be stationed on site at Wisdom Corners or can provide phone-based support to people unable to access in person counseling. The counselors also use the mobile phone to send advocacy messages to the Hekima Network

Phone:+255786595858 Email:info@tewwy.org

Sinza Makaburini,Sakura Street

P.o.Box 32705

Dar es salaam,Tanzania