Wisdom&Wellness Circles

Facilitating Intergenerational Support Groups Where we Share Life Experiences/Wisdom and Build Life Skills

Wisdom & Wellness Circles

Wisdom circles are local in person support group sessions where truth telling/wisdom sharing is celebrated & where community members share life experiences, while gaining life skills. Members have the opportunity to train as mental health counselors, learn skills from local artisans and build both their personal and professional lives.

For life skills we will focus on the following:

  • Personal Life Skills: Self-Care, Financial Management, Job Searching/Interviewing & Mentorship
  • Artisan Training Program
  • Creative Activism
  • Mental Health Entrepreneurs Initiative

The circles are open to everyone and present a unique opportunity to build both social connections and community.



Sinza Makaburini,Sakura Street

P.o.Box 32705

Dar es salaam,Tanzania