Hekima Network

The Hekima Network is a response driven community network that works with CSOs, informal groups/change makers and influencers to develop relevant content and services that support the change communities wish to see.

We work directly with elderly women to connect their wisdom to the needs of the network and build the capacity of the network to deliver services to their community.The types of material and support resources designed will be community driven and not prescribed.

In order to maximize the support for undeserved communities and best mobilize the power of elderly women in the change making process, TEWWY has created 4 Wisdom Markers for Social, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing that include: Wisdom  & Wellness Counselors, Wisdom & Wellness Corners/Referral Centers, Wisdom  & Wellness Circles & Wisdom/Wellness Resources & Sharing.

They harness the power of story telling, mobile technology, one-on-one support and life skills building for both elderly women and the community at large. 



Sinza Makaburini, Sakura Street

P.o.Box 32705

Dar es salaam, Tanzania