Wisdom&Wellness Team

We are an intergenerational and intercultural team working together to build TEWWY

Rustica Tembele - Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Background in Education, Sociology  & Community Development , Rustica’s leadership and organizational skills are evident across various domains such as strategic planning , community relations, local politics, fundraising and operation’s. Rustica  is the lead responsible for coordinating all of the Local Government Authorities (PORALG) logistics for the seamless operations in districts of Dar es salaam and its surrounding communities.

Rustica is the consummate social innovator  and social entrepreneur ;providing critical leadership in mental health awareness strategically and creatively implementing intervention programs with a passion for people and desire to uplift communities. An effective communicator with the organic delivery system passionate , and always full of enthusiasm, Rustica is masterful at communicating with external constituents and helping them buy into a vision that is focused on program and organizational mission.    

Neema Tembele - Founder & Chief Operational Officer (COO)

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a background in Data Analytics, Neema plays the role of interim Data Analytics Director, utilizing tools and knowledge for proper monitoring and evaluation of project data and its reporting. As she spearheads fundraising initiatives on global platforms, Neema is the international liaison  for organization development and partnerships. With strong communication skills and a personal story to share, Neema is vocal about her own struggles with depression, anxiety and mental health -inspiring many others to speak up and find strength in one another.

Almasi Saidi - Director of Finance & Administration (DFA)

Director of Finance and Administration (DFA) have extensive accounting background with 30+ years of experience working with local and international institutions, Almasi possesses a unique set of skills for complex budget development and effectively performing intricate and accurate book-keeping and accounting financial statement analysis for large data.From preparing financial and regulatory reports required by law,regulations,board of directors and donors to scheduling  outline due dates relevant Tax documents to be compiled and sent to donors and for filling relevant non profit  compliance taxes and documents in Tanzania, Almasi’s scrupulous attention to detail allows for smooth program operations between TEWWY and international donors

Morris Lekule-Director of Programs & Sustainability (DOPS)

A former Director of National Response to HIV & AIDS at Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) from 2012 to 2016. Morris also serve as Communications and Community Mobilization Coordinator of Mailman School of Public Health(MSPH).With a strong background as a Counselor in renowned Secondary Schools in Tanzania,Morris is equipped with the skills required to establish effective and trusted communication lines between communities  and support systems

Gaspar Kanijo - Programs & Sustainability Officer (PSO)

A dedicated social entrepreneur with vast knowledge in Information Technology. Gaspar possesses knowledge in information systems audit, project management, analysis and management of data having worked with both governmental and non governmental organizations. Gaspar is excellent at organizing teams and sticking with the budget provided and is able to maintain relationship with business across the community to acquire more funding. Gaspar has also exceptional skills in recruiting new people to join the non profit and evaluate performances to see where improvements can be made.



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