Our Team

We are an intergenerational and intercultural team working together to build TEWWY

Rustica Tembele, CEO

Mrs. Tembele is the Chief Executive Officer of TEWWY and is in charge of overall strategic direction, staff management, partnership development and program support.  She was previously the Director of National Response for the Tanzanian Commission of AIDS where she worked with civil society organizations to develop community empowerment programs to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. She has 30 + years experience working with both governmental and international organizations.

Mrs. Lauren Schmidt, Program Manager

Mrs. Schmidt in charge of both program management and sustainability with a focus on partnership building and M&E at TEWWY. She graduated with a MS in Social Work from Columbia University and has worked in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for the past 7 years with both social enterprises and people affected by stigma.

Mr. Almasi Saidi, Financial Manager

Mr. Saidi is in charge of overall financial management, reporting, procurement and financial monitoring for organizational resources.  He has over 30+ years working in the field of financial management with international organizations in Eastern Africa, including the German Technical Cooperation. 



Sinza Makaburini, Sakura Street

P.o.Box 32705

Dar es salaam, Tanzania